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- Dave Jabas, 37 Years Experience

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Every business needs locks. You want to keep thieves out of your store. Every business also needs panic bars. Everyone needs to get out during an emergency. No one likes the sound of a door slamming, so door closers are necessary to keep doors from doing that. Every door needs hinges to swing back and forth. There are many different pieces of door hardware that most people don't even think about.

We are not most people.

Wholesale Locks is dedicated to making sure you get everything you need for every door that you have. From high end security to the lockboxes used to show real estate, from small businesses to large corporations, lock solutions are just a click away. Every situation is different. From the width of the door to what it is made of and how many people go through it each day, each factor changes the panic bar, lock, hinges, electric strike, or any other hardware that goes on the door.

Our door lock experts that you can reach by phone have been locksmiths with 10 to 30 years of experience installing lock hardware. We hire these experts so that they can quickly determine the best options for your specific situation. If they are busy helping other customers, instead of making you waste your time waiting for them to become available we take down your information and have them call you.

Give us a call today at 1-800-508-6889 or 1-952-435-5003.

We are experts in door hardware. If you are looking for commercial hardware we carry door closers, panic hardware, doorknobs and door levers, electric strikes and mortise locks.

Residential door hardware includes levers, doorknobs and ornate handle sets.

On most locks we can key locks alike for you or masterkey them.

We are here to help you. If you have a question, please give us a call 1-800-508-6889 or 1-952-435-5003.

We offer next day air, second day air and three day select delivery as well as UPS ground. We ask that all expedited deliveries be ordered by phone.

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