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Bump Proof Bilock ULT 360 Deadbolt

Bump Proof Bilock ULT 360 Deadbolt
Bump Proof Bilock ULT 360 Deadbolt

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Item Number: bump-proof-bilock-ult-360
Regular price: $196.00
Each lock purchased comes with two keys. Locks can be keyed alike.

Keyed Alike:
The BiLock high security cylinder combined with the Cal Royal ULT 360 deadbolt is a great solution to protect your home or business from ‘lock bumping.’

  • Fits standard lock prep on residential and commercial doors.
  • Replaces most deadbolts in minutes
  • Available in US 3 polished brass, US 26D dull chrome and US 10B oil rubbed bronze
  • Easy to install.
  • Adjustable backset 2 3/8 or 2 3/4
  • Each lock comes with 2 keys, pictured below

The BiLock locking system is one of the most secure locks made in the world. Most standard locks use a 5 or 6 pin system with top and bottom pins, making them susceptible to ‘lock bumping’ and unauthorized entry. BiLock’s patented lock system uses 12 bottom pins and one trigger pin. The key required to operate this lock is U-shaped, with six cuts on each side of the ‘U’ and a trigger mechanism as part of the key. The lock cylinder has a dual sidebar locking system and uses only bottom pins, making it ‘bump’- proof.

Another feature of the BiLock high security lock system is the patented key design. Bilock keys cannot be made on any ordinary key machine, such as the kind you would see in the hardware store. In order to make a BiLock key, two proprietary key machines are required. Only authorized BiLock dealers have these key machines. This prevents unauthorized key duplication.

Customer Reviews

"We have been using Medeco to secure our premises. On occasion, when a key was lost, we had to rekey the lock. This meant removing the entire lock, front plate and rim assembly, having the locks rekeyed, then reassembling the locks. This took upwards of about 2 or 3 hours and hundreds of dollars of man hours. depending on what else we needed to do and how busy the locksmith was. Lately, when I learned that our locks were not bump proof, I was determined to get the best solution. After mentioning our problems to David Jabas at wholesalelocks.com, he recommended BiLock rim locks with removable cores. This solution gives us 100% bump-proof protection and (if we lose a key) enables us to replace the lock core in a matter of minutes. The dollar cost per unit is higher than Medeco, but not prohibitively so. BiLock gives us protection and simplicity that we need. If I have one nit to pick with BiLock, it is that their plastic key decoration is too bulky for my taste. Sleeker, smaller designs would be welcome! Thanks for your help."

-Tim M.
New York

"We love these locks and feel much safer knowing we now have bump proof locks. Your service was friendly and delivery was lightning fast."

-Lisa M.

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